The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund

To inquire about registration and eligibility for the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund and its related Subfunds, or to apply for assistance, call toll-free 1-877-862-0136 or email

All media inquiries about the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund should be directed to Rhianna Quinn Roddy at 917-576-2317 or

To correspond via U.S. mail, write to:
Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund
Scholarship America
One Scholarship Way
Saint Peter, MN 56082

Include your full name, email address and daytime phone number on all correspondence.

Questions pertaining to the Memorial and Other Funds managed by Scholarship America for the benefit of 9/11 families should also be directed to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund via the contact information above.

Keeping Dreams Alive

Maureen"The Families of Freedom Scholarship sustains the memories of all those lost or suffering due to 9/11. It is so humbling that donors, who are seemingly strangers, can show such kindness and compassion. Scholarship America gives me strength and hope for a better future."

Register & Apply

The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund benefits financially needy dependent children, spouses, and domestic partners of 9/11 victims. If you are eligible to receive assistance, you'll need to complete a one-time registration; after that, you will need to submit an application each year.

Award Calculator

Use the "Planning Ahead" Estimated Award Calculator to stimate what the family is expected to contribute to the student's college expenses, and the amount that may be awarded to you for the upcoming academic year.

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