Fund Update: September 2015

As of this summer, the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund has awarded over $110 million to financially needy families since inception of the Fund in 2001.

The great news is that the Fund has been invested well and there remains over $93.5 million for the thousands of students who are yet to apply for awards. The Fund is poised to continue to support our families until it sunsets in the year 2030.

For the 2016 – 2017 academic year, the percentage of financial need to be paid will be 51%. The percentage of need fluctuates each year based on our annual actuarial study.

We remain committed to working to leverage and maximize all elements in the Fund and make the most generous award levels possible to students. Last year, the Fund awarded $12.5 million to 760 students across our nation – to date, we have served over 2,600 students with multiple awards.

By The Numbers
During the 2014 – 2015 academic year, the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund awarded $12,539,530 to 760 students demonstrating financial need.

Fund assets value: As of July 1, 2015 approximately $96.3 million remains to fund scholarship awards through 2030.

First Scholarships Awarded: January 2002

Distributions to date: $110,709,237

Average award for the 2014 – 2015 academic year: $14,988

Current students registered: 3,602 (completed and pending applications)

Students served: 2,635

Peak demand: 2009-2022: 700-800 students per year will demonstrate need

Keeping Dreams Alive

Maureen"The Families of Freedom Scholarship sustains the memories of all those lost or suffering due to 9/11. It is so humbling that donors, who are seemingly strangers, can show such kindness and compassion. Scholarship America gives me strength and hope for a better future."

Register & Apply

The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund benefits financially needy dependent children, spouses, and domestic partners of 9/11 victims. If you are eligible to receive assistance, you'll need to complete a one-time registration; after that, you will need to submit an application each year.

Award Calculator

Use the "Planning Ahead" Estimated Award Calculator to stimate what the family is expected to contribute to the student's college expenses, and the amount that may be awarded to you for the upcoming academic year.

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