Other September 11 Scholarship Funds

Scholarship America played a major role in the creation of the September 11 Scholarship Alliance, formed by leading scholarship providers and associated organizations to coordinate the various scholarship funds for postsecondary education created in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy.

The Scholarship Alliance simplified the scholarship application process for the families of victims and served as an information clearinghouse to help ensure that financial assistance for postsecondary education got into the hands of those who needed it most, with minimal paperwork and frustration.

Although the Scholarship Alliance is no longer in existence, there are still a number of scholarship funds in addition to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund that provide assistance for postsecondary education for 9/11 families. Start your search here, in any of the following categories:

Memorial Funds and Other Funds: These are scholarship funds managed and administered by Scholarship America. Generally speaking, Memorial Funds are provided for a group of families associated with a specific funder, while Other Funds are open to all 9/11 families.

College Funds: These are scholarship funds managed by individual colleges and universities, for use on their campuses only.

Outside Organization Funds: These are scholarship funds managed by organizations other than Scholarship America.

“If I could talk to the donors who contributed to the Families of Freedom Fund, I would tell them that whatever they gave in any amount or in any form will never be forgotten. It will always be appreciated because it really did help this family."
-- Eileen, who used her Families of Freedom scholarship to attend law school after her husband passed away; three of their six children, to date, have also received Families of Freedom help.

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