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Dear Friends,
In the days after 9/11, like so many millions of Americans, my thoughts and prayers turned to the children whose world was unspeakably transformed in mere moments.  What would the future hold for them?

I knew, right then, that it would take more than just a village; it would take the commitment, the will and the effort of the entire nation to ensure that this special generation of American children would one day be able to walk into a bright, successful and happy future.

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The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund is managed by Scholarship America, the nation's premier non-profit, private-sector scholarship and educational assistance organization. Scholarship America has administered the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund at cost since the inception of the Fund.

Scholarship America has been recognized for ten consecutive years as a Four-Star Charity by Charity Navigator. Visit the Scholarship America Web site to learn more.

Evan Kanter

“The Families of Freedom Scholarship has been a tremendous benefit to me and my brother in pursuing our college degrees,” said Evan Kanter of Edison, N.J., a Families of Freedom Scholarship recipient. “The Fund has allowed us the ability to focus on the parts of life that are most important to us. The first year after 9/11 was very hard to take, but the scholarship has relieved some of the financial burden from my mother, brother and me.”

Evan graduated from Rutgers University in May 2002 with a B.S. degree double major in computer science and business management. Now pursuing an MBA at Pace University, Evan’s goal after graduating is to apply his lessons in strategic management to leading an organization.

“In the future, I hope to bring honor to all those who died that day, including my father, by accepting the responsibility given to me, and to succeed in every way I know how. This scholarship is yet another example of the generosity of the people of this country, and the warm spirit that we have benefited from since 9/11.”

Meanwhile, Evan’s primary occupation is building Web sites and custom technology solutions for small-to-medium-sized companies. Evan has turned his passion for sports into another occupation of sorts; he runs a popular Web site (www.autograph-cards.com) that specializes in selling autographed sports cards — from baseball, football, basketball and hockey players. In his spare time, Evan reads many nonfiction books with a focus on business, leadership, technology, and management.

“My purpose is to gain enough experience and knowledge to eventually fulfill the challenging goals I have set for myself. My father was always an advocate of higher education. He would be proud of me if he knew the dedication I have toward these goals. He would be the first person asking me about my grades. Also, he would be the first person to make sure that I study with high moral standards and integrity.”

Note: Evan shared the above story with the donors of the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund via Scholarship America’s 2003 Annual Report. Having completed his graduate studies at Pace University in July 2002, Evan continues to run the autographed sports cards business he began in college. His business has evolved from its early days of operating out of his apartment in college to a fully-staffed office in New York.

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"I can't tell you how good it makes me to feel to know that the scholarship is there for us. Everyone that has helped us at Scholarship America has just been really wonderful. Paul would have been extremely proud of his son's decision to become a mechanical engineer. Thanks to Scholarship America and Families of Freedom, Shawn's dream is being made possible."
-- Arlene, whose son Shawn is following in his late father's footsteps as an engineer

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