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Students currently enrolled in college, or students who expect to enroll for the next term, must apply for scholarship assistance. An application is required each year..

Eligibility for scholarships from the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund and the subfunds operated in conjunction with the Fund is generally dependent on financial need, however, at this time there are modest scholarships available from various subfunds for Fund registrants who do not have financial need. (See the Subfunds pageĀ for more information.)

You can learn about how financial need is calculated by the Fund by visiting the Financial Need Formula page; if you would like to estimate your expected family contribution and the amount that may be awarded to you for the upcoming academic year, please visit the Estimated Award Calculator. (Please note that while this tool is available for you to use in your planning, the final award amount will not be provided until an official application is submitted. A number of factors are used to calculate the final award amount, and changes in any one area may impact the final total.)