Citi Foundation Generosity

June 1, 2013

$11.3 million added to Families of Freedom 

The Citi Foundation supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low – to moderate – income people in communities where Citi operates. Just after September 11th, 2001, they proved that their “More than Philanthropy” approach, which put the strength of Citi’s business resources and people to work, was the right approach, as they have played a critical role in the lives of those impacted by the attacks. 

In 2002, the Citi Foundation, wholeheartedly backed by the employees of Citigroup, made a transformational contribution to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund and paved the way for other corporations to make financial commitments to our Fund. The Citi Foundation made a decision to donate 20 million dollars to the Families of Freedom Fund to ensure that the most financially needy children impacted by the events of 9/11 would have access to post-secondary education. 

And although there were thousands of original donors to our Fund, this donation was the largest donation to our fund and to the families who lost so much on 9/11. 

Citi Foundation has been respecting its financial commitment to our Fund since the original donation and, several months ago, its Board of Directors made the important decision to complete its donation and provided a gift of $11.3 million to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. 

This was a truly important step for our Fund and it was one of the key factors that enabled us to maintain paying the percentage of need at 53% for the upcoming academic year. Many thanks to Citi Foundation and the employees of Citigroup for this extremely important and generous gift! We look forward to thanking Citi Foundation and its leadership, as well as the employees of Citigroup, at Scholarship America events in the coming year. 

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