“The Fund’s extraordinary efforts to meet its constituents’ needs aligned with our funding criteria and passion to serve the community. We are deeply grateful to the work of the Families of Freedom Fund and truly inspired by the students that it serves.”
–Regina and Robert Goldman, supporters of the Fund through the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation

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Click the button above to make your gift. Your donation will be processed by Scholarship America in a new window — just select “Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund” from the dropdown menu.

Your donation is particularly important to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund at this time. In the past, the Fund has been in a position to fund 90% of student need but this payout level has decreased in recent years. Because we are only able to provide 46% of need in the upcoming academic year, an additional financial burden for tuition is placed upon families who have already paid the ultimate sacrifice. Not only have these children suffered the tragic loss of a parent through terrorism, but they have also lost the potential income that the parent would have provided to them throughout their college years.

“I know my father would be very proud that I’m attending college – even though I was only little, I remember him telling me how important it is to get a good education. I know he’s looking down at me now and is as proud of me as my mom is – we could not have done this without the Families of Freedom Fund.”
— Patrick, Son of an American Hero

Without doubt, the parents who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, would have had tremendous dreams for their children and for their educational fulfillment – your donation will help us to respect and fulfill those dreams. Thank you for all you do to assist us in fulfilling these dreams.