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“A college education is one of the best ways to improve someone’s future, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to pay for it. Financial assistance from the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund is one small way we can help members of the 9/11 community who have gone through so much. Please find out if your family is eligible, and if so, register; it can help change your life.”
— New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“The Families of Freedom Scholarship sustains the memories of all those lost or suffering due to 9/11. It is so humbling that donors, who are seemingly strangers, can show such kindness and compassion. Scholarship America gives me strength and hope for a better future.”
–Maureen, Families of Freedom Scholarship Recipient

“You have given me a life which I had dreamed of for so long. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I promise that I will accomplish my dreams, and it is all due to your generous scholarship.”
–Tim, Families of Freedom Scholarship Recipient

“I can’t tell you how good it makes me to feel to know that the scholarship is there for us. Everyone that has helped us at Scholarship America has just been really wonderful. Paul would have been extremely proud of his son’s decision to become a mechanical engineer. Thanks to Scholarship America and Families of Freedom, Shawn’s dream is being made possible.”
— Arlene, whose son Shawn is following in his late father’s footsteps as an engineer

“If I could talk to the donors who contributed to the Families of Freedom Fund, I would tell them that whatever they gave in any amount or in any form will never be forgotten. It will always be appreciated because it really did help this family.”
— Eileen, who used her Families of Freedom scholarship to attend law school after her husband passed away; three of their six children, to date, have also received Families of Freedom help.

“Over the course of five years from original application to delivery of checks, every phone call, question or problem was handled perfectly.”
–Tim S., Families of Freedom Scholarship recipient, attending Fordham University starting Fall 2010

“[My father] would be really happy that I had the opportunity to go to college. I knew that he was there, and that, for me, made it easier. I knew that my whole family was there.”
— Erin, one of seven siblings in her family who will be able to attend college thanks to Families of Freedom